Making It All Out With The Titanium Model S


With this day, and age where technology is a part of everything we touch, and breathe, we as humans go to realize that when certain things don’t work, there needs to be a way to fix them. Within this segment, we’re going to take a look at how Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk proposes to get extinguish the fear of spontaneous combustion that his Model S’s have already been experiencing over the past months.

In order you already know, Tesla suffered several major blows to their ego when a few of Gearheads.orgtheir prized winning cars were either photographed, or caught on video acting like a Boy Scout campfire from the woods. Each fire was explained as a random incident in which the driver unknowingly drove over something on the road, that was either to big, or to awkwardly shaped, to pass underneath the car without doing any harm. Those same components of debris punctured the under carriage which eventually ruptured the battery pack that lays on the bottom of your car. And documentaries that this battery pack is placed suprisingly low to the ground regarding bring the centre of gravity as little as possible, all the while improving all handling, and control biases, as this has been shown in different videos. Nevertheless, the source of power has become the, “Achilles Heel” of the Model S’s short lived existence.

concrete break Now, it’s been shown that Tesla is one of the few, if not the sole North American automotive company to start on it’s own, and survive without financial help of any type. That single strong minded notion has led many investors, and financiers to look at Tesla with a much wider gaze than once they first happened. We are now at the age where EV’s, or Electric Vehicles have become more, and more common inside our society, and also the demand for them is growing. Elon Musk knows this fact, and this is the reason he constantly strives to make his company’s name a permanent fixture in the mouths of those that would rather scoff at an electric car, rather than embrace one.

This is where assessing the problem is important. The problem, as previously mentioned, alternator breakis the whole battery pack rupturing into a $60,000 ball of flames bit. How do you remedy this problem, instead of break the bank within the same motion? You find a proactive solution that comes in the form of a very widely used metal that goes by the name of Titanium. Elon’s starting point was to design a series of protective platforms to help you deter the threat of under body damage. An Aluminum bar was placed, towards the front of the car, and it’s primary purpose is to deflect, and right any high strength metal objects that appear to lie on the road. Right after the crushing bar, is the Titanium plate which will provide the utmost in under carriage protection, and also safety. The past part within this trio of protective power is a shallow angled sheet of Aluminum that will further protect the under body of the car, whilst ushering the lone piece of road debris further away from the car, and once again allowing for a safer drive.

concrete break 2 The implementation of the higher level of safety was necessary to quiet those who have been doubting what Elon Musk, and Tesla motors could accomplish. The low shields happen to be tested over, and over again, to the point where, even the aerodynamics of the whole thing doesn’t even compromise handling, or performance of the Model S. Going to these lengths to ensure a lot more than personal safety factors nothing in comparison to the knowledge of with the knowledge that no matter what the road may throw at you, your are STILL at one of the safest cars in the world. This is exactly what we call piece of mind, and it feels great.