Not All Moms Need to Drive a Mini Van

Nissan Qashqai – Originally launched back in 2006 the Nissan Qashqai was the motor which kick-started the revolution to cross-over vehicles and makes the perfect vehicle for Moms (and Dads too) with 4 x 4 space and styling yet the impressive economy of a much smaller vehicle. This motor comes top of the class in relation to driving, practicality, running, styling and reliability costs. Los Angeles Nissan dealers with fabulous deals on this and a lot of other new and used motors include Metro Nissan Redlands– why not pay them a visit to find out more.


BMW X3 – with great styling both inside and out, plenty of passenger space and cargo room in the trunk – the rear seats happen to be voted as some of the most comfortable available by . . . people who sit in the rear seats a whole lot (with long legs). The X3 can also be great fun to get with many safety measures available including parking cameras. Sounds like an excellent cool car for even the coolest Mom to me.

Kia Soul – is spunky, cheerful, sporty and definitely quirky (just like some Moms). Its unusual design provides plenty of head room and leg room with a generous amount of trunk space. A thorough list of safety features is available including rearview cameras.


Porsche Cayenne – functional, fun and incredibly stylish, Porsche lovers who also happen to be parents were incredibly happy when the Cayenne arrived on the scene, a very family friendly motor perfect for elegant of Moms. The motor is within the mid-size luxury range and exudes class and styles plus all of the performance you would expect from this kind of iconic model of motor. The Porsche Cayenne handles similar to a dream – an SUV with perfect driver and handling engagement. Come to consider it I think a lot of Moms will have to hide their car keys from Dad.

Volvo XC60 – Volvos are renowned throughout the world for their superb safety features but that certainly doesn’t make sure they are boring – on the contrary this well crafted vehicle cuts a rather stylish figure on the road with maximum comfort, an and drivability incredibly spacious cabin. Their list of security features is naturally extremely comprehensive – there’s even a choice of having a pedestrian detection device fitted which actually applies the brakes when needed to prevent collisions with cyclists and pedestrians. This fabulous family car can do almost everything except help with the kids homework.

Ford Flex – this rather unique and striking vehicle having its angular design provides everything you could possibly need from a family motor plus more. The high, greenhouse like cabin provides perfect panoramic visibility and lots of security features. Moms of teenagers might be particularly thinking about the innovative “MyKey” feature which sets safety parameters for when your newly qualified teenager sits behind the wheel.


Mercedes Benz E Class Wagon – this cuts a wholly different figure on the highway – low, sleek and lean with a surprisingly roomy cabin as well as the unique configuration of rear facing seats in the third row. The impressive list of available security features includes adaptive cruise control and a feature which monitors the drowsiness of the driver.

With such a remarkable collection of motors available on the highway these days there really is no requirement for Mom to stick to the same exact minivan style – stylish Moms can enjoy a fabulous, smooth and comfortable driving experience whilst going on the college run, to function, the super market, soccer practice, dance classes and weekend trips towards the beach, in reality these cars are so super cool that Dads will love to drive them as well.