Off-Road Adventures in Big Bear

The San Bernardino National Forest is the ideal setting to have an off-road adventure boasting more than 100 miles of fabulous off-road routes appropriate for different types of vehicle – many of them are definitely only suitable for rugged contender.


Off-road driving, it really has been said, is the greatest adrenalin rush you can have while traveling at 5 mph and some of these trails can certainly get whilst keeping your blood pumping.

From the San Bernardino National Forest there are almost 170 miles of forest trails which are compatible with OHV, 900 beautiful miles great for SUV and 4×4 vehicles and more than 100 miles which can be definitely only appropriate for the better experienced off-road drivers who really relish a challenge.

Let’s take a closer inspection at some of the finest off-road trails inside the Big Bear Lake part of the forest starting out of the fabulous Big Bear Discovery Center – they’ll let you know all that you should know (and which place to go).


Gold Fever Trail – the clue is with the name, this is among the original trails employed in the Gold Rush which began in 1860. The trail experiences the attractive Holcomb Valley and it is only around a 10 mile round trip, 10 beautiful miles of glorious countryside which may be thoroughly enjoyed on the slower, exciting pace of off road driving. There are many great photo opportunities as you go along plus some fabulous places useful where one can stop and learn some history – check out Gold Mountain, the very first Digging Site and Hangman’s Tree . . . it’s okay, I don’t think it’s been used for a significant while.

White Mountain Trail – this one is definitely not for your faint hearted and it is considered “most difficult” which means exactly that. This 6 mile trail is one long, exciting white knuckle ride with rocks to transfer around and over, the steepest of hills to climb and remember, what rises must come down. I am talking about several by-pass roads for people who aren’t quite around the process if you don’t fancy the hill climbs its okay – there’s a chicken route. Hey, there’s no shame in that in any way. Should you can’t manage those hills this next the first is not necessarily to suit your needs, the most difficult trail in the entire San Bernardino Forest – 5 nerve wracking miles of rock gardens, gate keepers along with other almighty obstacles.

Big Bear itself is a great community town witheateries and hotels, RV parks, campgrounds and stores, gas stations and more – everything you need to create your off-road adventure complete. The skiing is pretty awesome in the winter time too.

If you would like experience some of these superb trails then you’ve got to ensure that you’ve got the best vehicle which can be well equipped for the job along with the roughest terrain. At Fairview Ford there’s a fantastic selection of new and used vehicles which will be ideal for the greater “driver friendly” tracks around and also in the San Bernardino Forest where you may have a leisurely forest drive, stop for any photo opportunity and usually have a fabulous, relaxing period in the excellent outdoors. If you fancy having a crack at a few of the more challenging terrain however make certain you use a specially adapted vehicle.


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