Russian Subaru Ad Makes Fun With The Dash-Cams


We don’t determine if the idea behind this amusing Russian TV ad for that Subaru XV is original or not, or maybe if it’s even an actual official Subaru video (for what it’s worth, Subaru Russia did promote it on its social media marketing pages). Russians use dash-mounted cameras to help you themselves avoid insurance scammers, so as to always have video evidence of their innocence.

However, this may not really deter these con artists (or just plain crooks) from still throwing themselves at oncoming cars, on poorly lit crosswalks, then demanding money to not call the cops.

It’s by no means a well-intended pooch; quite the contrary, actually – this could have been the ultra-realistic re-release of Wacky Races, if they’d managed to make it longer and also included the Boulder brothers for good measure…, though the video below swaps the usual person for a canine