Toyota Rav 4 VS Subaru Forester XT And What To Expect With The Car


The Toyota Rav4 vs Subaru Forester XT go head to head. Let’s see which of these two SUVs is better, with a variety of interesting challenges.

I can completely understand why some motorists prefer SUVs. Our prime ride height and seating position offers a sense of extra security, and the extra visibility from the traffic doesn’t hurt either. There’s perhaps a feeling of invincibility which is worth paying for, over the price of a standard four-door sedan.

If you choose a petrol engine, almost certainly costly to run, a whole-sized SUV are often very expensive to buy, very expensive to maintain, and. Each tyre will need a call to the bank manager to replace, and after that of course there is the daily battle of parking the thing without scratching it.